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its still real loose, but there are a lot of good pieces

stuff you need
these are links to the cool/hot/free/necessary/'portant stuff ----------------------------------------
really good html tutorial
basic html ala keith
yeah, as if anybody could make any sense out of this. a work in progress - as all good sites should be
html reference
concise reference card. if you are writing html, this is handy. otherwise, dont bother
color reference
colors, numbers, names of all(?) 256(?) windows colors. if you are writing html, this is handy
background examples #1
background examples #2
background examples #3
copyright stuff
enuf to make you feel better (or worse) about it all ----------------------------------------
pro tips
search engine stuff
search engine policy
how to fool them

keith's rules

  • some rules are arbitrary and whims of mine, others are real and your stuff wont work without it.

  • disclamer: everything here may be wrong, its not my fault, i know nothing.

  • there is more to everything than what meets the eye, look at the source code

  • as a friend of mine once said, "i wonder if that is what god will say to us when we die? 'YOUR EVALUATION PERIOD IS OVER!'"
    (god speaks loudly, you know ;^)