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Let Keith explain ALL the options available to you. We deal with Mammoth Magazine, Schat, Quantum, Earthlink, NetworkSolutions, GeoCities and more. We can offer you world wide exposure for as little as $28/mo* for a complete ISP, Web Site design, domain name and hosting package. Keith will get you started with Web access, create your Web Pages for you, build your Web Site and maintain that presence for you.
* based on a 2 year commitment.

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We can give you advice in purchasing a computer or upgrading your current one.

Keith will help you decide exactly what you need from your internet service provider (ISP) as far as access, features, hosting or location. With all the choices, the most obvious is not always the best. Together we can determine the best options for your particular needs.

ISP - this is the phone number your computer calls to access the internet.

AOL, Compuserve, Earthlink, Quantum (QNET) and are all internet service providers.

Design - Digital photography - Forms - CGI

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All HTML is hand coded and graphics are optimized for Pages that load as quickly as possible. We have been doing Web Pages since 1995.

Our rates and services are reasonable and flexible. "Presence only" Pages begin at $100.00, which could include a photo or two, text, and linking. Multi-Page packages start at $400.00, including up to 5 "Pages" with photos and/or graphics on each Page for an effective business presence.

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The "presence only" Page is 1 screen while the basic structure of a Web Site usually includes the front/home Page and the sub-Pages contained within. At this stage of development, we will ask many questions to sketch out a basic plan. Often, the very first Page of a Web Site will have a different appearance than the rest of the Site. This Page sets the overall "feel" of the Site. From there, we borrow colors and elements and create yet another look for the sub-Pages, always keeping in mind navigation and download time.

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After your Web Site has been designed you'll need to "rent" your domain name and get a place for your Pages on a host server. We will take care of researching and registering the best available domain name for your application. Keith can provide complete, hassle-free start up and ongoing maintenance with one of our custom server plans.
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Keith provides phone support.

Site - this is your stuff (Web Pages, pictures, etc. it can "live" with almost any host)
Domain name - this is your Site address "". this name is leased from InterNIC on a yearly basis.
Host - this is where your stuff lives on the Web (another computer in cyberspace). it can be a Site host or name host. MammothWeb, MammothMagazine, Schat, Quantum, Earthlink, GeoCities and Tripod are examples of hosts.

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Have you figured out the search engines yet? We will submit your Site to many of the top search engines. All Sites include a full set of meta tags to improve searchability.
Search engines - looking for something on the Web? ask a search engine. Alta Vista, InfoSeek, Snap, Excite Lycos, Yahoo and AOL to name a few.
Meta tags - hidden information (keywords and descriptions) that some search engines use to index your pages.

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Whether you want someone to take care of all the aspects of maintaining your Web Site for you, or you want to be actively involved in the maintenance of your Site, I can help you.
Give us a call today to discuss how we can help maintain your Web Site so that visitors keep coming back. Not only do we offer monthly plans for regular changes, but also plans that let you get up and running today, and pay for it monthly for budgeting purposes. Maintenance package prices will be based on your specific requirements.

We offer training at your location! We teach the basics of the Internet as well as advanced training in Web Page Design. We realize many people who have Web Sites out there want to be more involved with their Internet business. We can teach you to do it yourself if you want. Build your own Site, do the updates, include the graphics, we can explain it all. Give us a call and we will start training you today!

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Computer hard/software repairs and upgrades are available at competitive prices.

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